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Ciara Writes Interview

Interview with Ciara Writes Author interview with Kristy Mickelsen, author of Lady for Hire Genre: Contemporary Romance 💋 "Savanna Clark was no stranger to hardship. At twenty-four years of age, she had lost everything important to her and was living in her car out on the streets . Wade Sorensen, a recently widowed forty-year-old emergency room doctor with a six-month-old daughter, was having trouble balancing his job and caring for his infant daughter. When Wade places an ad in the newspaper for a live-in Nanny to care for his daughter and run his household, Savanna applies for the position hoping to get off the streets. Neither of them expected to fall in love She was sixteen years younger than him, with no experience with love or children. He was older, more experienced in life with an established career and infant daughter. Will they give into love or will their age difference and a series of tragic events keep them apart?" 💋 🖤Which character was your favorite to flesh out and write? I really enjoyed the main character, Savanna. In the beginning, she was poor, dirty, living on the streets with low self-esteem. But by the end of the book, she had her own "Cinderella story". 🖤What are some of your writing quirks? Are there any you used to have that you’ve stopped? When writing I like to set a music playlist to set my moods. Then I just write what's in my heart for that chapter, and go back and edit what doesn't sound right after that chapter is finished. 🖤Are there any parts of yourself that you put in your characters? Yes actually. Every Character from my books has something about myself or my close friends and family. I find that creating my characters this way makes me feel closer, more connected to them. I think it's much easier to write a story when you can personally connect to who or what you are writing about. 🖤Do you like to write with paper and pen or a computer? I do my book outline and character maps on paper. I have several notebooks filled with different ideas and plots. But, I use my computer for the actual writing and building of my books. 🖤What does your preplanning look like? Do you use post-it notes, three-act structure drawings, random scrawling, or something else? I use a notebook and pen to draw spiders about each of my characters. Then I write a small paragraph below each character spider about the character. 🖤What was your goal when you started the journey? Was it a certain number of books sold, a certain number of reviews, or was it just the journey of publishing a book overall? My goal when I first started writing was to prove a point to my son. That point was if mom can follow her dreams of being a writer than he can follow his dreams as well. Even if at first you don't succeed don't give up! Try and try again! I never thought I would sell as many books as I have to be honest. I thought a few friends would buy them and that was it! But my Current book Lady For Hire has done well so far! 🖤What’s your favorite quote from the book? “It's a real-life Cinderella story" 🖤I noticed you said you like writing steamy romances- where do you find your inspiration for continuing to write original yet sexy scenes? I find my inspiration from music. I play slow sexy music and let the lyrics from a song inspire me during a sexy scene. Website: Facebook: Twitter: @kristybooks Amazon:

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