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15 Fun Facts About Romance Author Kristy Mickelsen

  1. Kristy Loves Dodgers Baseball!

  2. Kristy Enjoy's eating mexican food. Her favorite thing is Carne Asada Tacos!

  3. Kristy's Hobbies include crocheting, and taking long walks with her two young adult children that have Autism.

  4. Kristy loves to listen to music as she writes her novels. She feels it helps set the mood for the scene's she is about to write.

  5. Kristy Has been Married since she was eighteen years old.

  6. Kristy used to work many jobs before writing novels, including preschool teaching and working with geriatric patients.

  7. Kristy Has a pet cat named Boxer!

  8. Kristy Loves to attend wrestling events with her son.

  9. Kristy's favorite colors are Purple and Blue.

  10. Kristy Loves chocolate ice cream!

  11. Kristy Loves watching t.v. shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Ink Master, and Naked and Afraid.

  12. Kristy's favorite flowers are Pink Roses!

  13. Kristy loves the smell of rain!

  14. Kristy's favorite seasons are Fall and Winter!

  15. Kristy is an autism advocate for her two Children who are on opposite ends of the spectrum!

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